User Acquisition

User acquisition is the perfect combination of the science and art of converting interested prospects into paying customers. The art of acquisition involves generating interest and excitement amongst prospective clients. However, the artistic side of acquisition must be backed with detailed scientific measurements of performance throughout every step of the user journey, from prospective customers to paying users.

Our team offers decades of combined experience in optimizing creatives and channels to attain these results. Furthermore, we utilize our extensive network and make it a point to stay current with any regulation and media trends changes to ensure player quantity and quality.

Technology Acquisition Tools

When it comes to selecting the right advertising channels, paying for advertising space, and tracking and measuring performance, technology is key – it is an integral part of any step within the player acquisiton process and the user journey.

Here at MediaTroopers, we have a state-of-the-art team of technical experts, designers, and developers that build and maintain the entire infrastructure of technology to support player acquisition. Be it our own customized technology acquisition tools or off-the-shelf tools that we customize and integrate into your system, we specialize in making your acquisition vision and strategy a reality.

In the digital age of online gambling and online advertising, paid display and search channels are an integral part of any marketing strategy mix of online gambling operators. However, with multi-million monthly budgets, operators must know how to effectively measure and optimize paid search. So, how can MediaTroopers help you?

Well, we have a dedicated team of paid search experts who will develop bespoke strategies from the ground up and help you maximize your profits. Alongside decades of combined experience, we also have the high-end technology, systems, and algorithms to help you optimize your campaigns.

Social Media Advertising

Like land-based gambling venues, online gambling is an entertaining and social activity. Being online, this extends to social media channels. Beyond being a great place to build your brand and establish a solid reputation, social media channels are an excellent tool for player acquisition – you can reach out and create a community of potential customers. Every day, we see new channels and ways to reach potential audiences through social media advertising.

Our team of social media experts here at MediaTroopers will help you build the tools and implement the social media strategy to fit your customer base, market, and product offering. But, of course, this must be done carefully and legally. We have the expertise to only reach gamblers of age, alongside protecting underage players and vulnerable users from the risks of gambling and educating the public on responsible gambling through social media.

Marketing Strategy

Many would mistake marketing for selling and having customers buy products. However, marketing is so much more than that. In fact, marketing is the entire strategy of conveying value to prospective customers and existing users. Ultimately, it is an ongoing process that must be closely managed at the core of a company strategy.

MediaTroopers boasts a full suite of marketing and strategy consulting services – we work with our customers to develop, implement and manage their marketing strategies. Our services are bespoke to your specifications and will help you optimize all online marketing channels and produce tangible results. It will also include planning, product, campaign delivery, reporting, optimization, and lots more.

Digital Media Buying

Digital media buying combines the art and science of finding the appropriate digital channels to display online gambling services, whether online, on mobile, or in-app advertising.

Our expert media buyers and digital marketing strategists have decades of experience in online gambling and hands-on knowledge. Ultimately, they know exactly where to shop and find the best media channels at the best prices that our customers can take advantage of. We manage multi-million dollar budgets, so our experts will work to make sure your digital media campaigns are optimized from day 1.

Affiliate Marketing

With many new states now legalizing online gambling in the US, it is often difficult and costly to become visible in every state as soon as it launches. Therefore, affiliate marketing provides an excellent way of using third-party marketers (such as affiliates) to help online gambling operators become visible to new audiences in new gambling markets.

Beyond the benefit of being able to reach potential users and revenue streams you otherwise wouldn’t be able to tap into, affiliate marketing takes the risk from online gambling operators and advertisers, as you would only pay for the players acquired.

MediaTroopers is built on an extensive system of affiliate networks that allows our clients’ products and services to reach millions of new customers. We create programs and strategies for our customers, where they will learn how to capitalize on third-party marketing channels. The best part? When done right, our clients will grow their rapid share fast and will only pay when they see results.

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) essentially allows you to rank on search engines and appear on searches for gambling-related terms in legal US states. An upfront investment in SEO would ultimately yield long-term results and revenues from pages being ranked. Ranking high in related keyword searches will enable you to build brand equity and capture more market share. Overall, SEO is the next step to driving traffic.

Through keyword research and optimization, offsite and onsite SEO, optimization for mobile devices, and the promotion of sites through paid or organic means, we will ensure that all your organizational efforts are aligned to guarantee your website is available in search engines.

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