MediaTroopers is Celebrating its Second Anniversary

Today has been two years since MediaTroopers was born, with the company founders combining their passion of digital marketing and love of sports betting and online gambling to create a new venture.

MediaTroopers was formed with the mission of providing US regulated gambling operators and customers with a new standard of online advertising that promotes informative promotions and advocates safe and legal gambling.

MediaTrooper\’s CEO, Shmulik Segal said yesterday at a company call:

\”Did we say two years? Because it feels like it was yesterday. So taking stock of what we achieved in the 730 days and nights we have been pouring into MediaTroopers:

  • 25 Media Troopers in our team.
  • 4 MediaTroopers company dogs.
  • 3 offices in different countries.
  • 2.190 cups of coffee.
  • 8 states where we are licensed.
  • 11 states where we are live.
  • 70 of the world’s best gambling brands as customers.
  • 1,100,000 registered players.
  • 350,000 depositing players.

I\’d like to take this opportunity to thank our hardworking team and fantastic customers that have made this amazing journey possible. 2 years down, and we’re just getting started!\”

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